What is Jumbo?

In the heart of the Purcell Mountains, the proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort is a year-round ski resort in the Jumbo Valley. Located in the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation, 55km west of Invermere, the resort would occupy 6,000 hectares and access four glaciers. For over 23 years, local residents, concerned citizens and the Ktunaxa Nation have strongly opposed this development for environmental, economic and spiritual reasons. Despite this overwhelming opposition, development has continued to move forward with the support of the BC government. But the story is not over…

“There are very few areas like this left in the world, and we should preserve it for future generations. I want my children and all British Columbians to be able to enjoy this area, just as I am able to.” - Scott Niedermayer, former NHL player and Olympic Athlete

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For 23 years, thousands of people have raised their voices in opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort. Join us!