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Jumbo: No Substance

Oct 21 2014

October 12 was a landmark date in the ongoing Jumbo saga. It was the date that I, and many others, have been awaiting for five years. At 11:59pm on October 12, the Environmental Certificate for the Jumbo Glacier Resort expired. Maybe. Over the course of the past 24 years, there have been a lot of landmark dates and landmark decisions. The question is always: what does this mean? What now?

Glacier Resorts Found Non-Compliant in EAO Audit

Oct 14 2014

Last week, Glacier Resorts was found to be in NON-COMPLIANCE with their pre-construction commitments. The result of a multi-month review, this confirms what we have been saying for months.

Read the full review here (attached) or at the EAO website:!-351597226!1413301694842.pdf

Jumbo Rally A Success: Planned Jumbo Construction Blocked by Mother Nature

Oct 6 2014

Nearly 80 people showed up in the early hours of Saturday morning to protest the planned construction in the Jumbo Valley. It had been announced that 15 concrete trucks were headed up to pour concrete in the day lodge. The rally turned to one of celebration.

Jumbo Rally: October 4

Oct 2 2014

Fifteen concrete trucks are headed up to the Jumbo Valley this Saturday. After 24 years of opposition, with less than 10 days until their Environmental Certificate expires, Glacier Resorts is planning to begin construction on the foundation for a daylodge.

Please join us this Saturday, October 4 for a peaceful rally to oppose construction in the Jumbo Valley.

Local Government Officials Target Jumbo: UBCM Unanimously Opposes Provincial Funding of Empty Towns

Sep 26 2014

Today, the Union of BC Municipalities unanimously passed a motion opposing provincial funding of municipalities without residents.

Delegates representing municipalities across British Columbia voted unanimously to urge the Province of BC to stop funding towns without a population.

East-West Jumbo Hike Celebrates the wild Jumbo Valley

Sep 22 2014

Upwards of 100 hikers from the East and West Kootenays, infants to octogenarians, converged at various points in time at the Jumbo Pass hut on Saturday, September 20 to celebrate the wild Jumbo Valley.

Dispatches from the Jumbo Monitoring Camp

Sep 13 2014

Jumbo Valley, September 9, 2014

After a sudden, fierce shower last night, the Jumbo sky cleared suddenly, revealing the full moon rising sharply over the ridge to the east.

Even though the ridge is kilometers away, each tree stood out like a jagged tooth in front of the perfectly round, bright face of the moon.

Jumbo Pass Hike, September 20

Sep 3 2014
Jumbo Wild, Jumbo Pass_SMALL.jpg

Join us for a hike to the Jumbo Pass to celebrate the wild Jumbo Valley. From the pass, you will see Jumbo Mountain, and look down on the proposed village site for the Jumbo Glacier Resort. Come and see for yourself why the Jumbo Valley is best wild!