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East-West Jumbo Hike Celebrates the wild Jumbo Valley

Sep 22 2014

Upwards of 100 hikers from the East and West Kootenays, infants to octogenarians, converged at various points in time at the Jumbo Pass hut on Saturday, September 20 to celebrate the wild Jumbo Valley.

Dispatches from the Jumbo Monitoring Camp

Sep 13 2014

Jumbo Valley, September 9, 2014

After a sudden, fierce shower last night, the Jumbo sky cleared suddenly, revealing the full moon rising sharply over the ridge to the east.

Even though the ridge is kilometers away, each tree stood out like a jagged tooth in front of the perfectly round, bright face of the moon.

Jumbo Pass Hike, September 20

Sep 3 2014
Jumbo Wild, Jumbo Pass_SMALL.jpg

Join us for a hike to the Jumbo Pass to celebrate the wild Jumbo Valley. From the pass, you will see Jumbo Mountain, and look down on the proposed village site for the Jumbo Glacier Resort. Come and see for yourself why the Jumbo Valley is best wild!

Monitoring Jumbo: Can you help?

Aug 15 2014

This summer, Glacier Resorts has announced plans for construction in both the Jumbo and Farnham Valleys. Every year, they have plans for summer activities or construction, but so far, nothing has happened. This year, their rumoured plans include foundations for day lodges in both valleys, plus water reservoirs and ski lifts.

Jumbo - A Really, Really Big Problem

Aug 13 2014

For more than 20 years, Jumbo has been the subject of articles, documentaries, rallies, books and more. These help to tell the story and keep the fight alive.

Jumbo Resort Lawsuit Moves Forward

Aug 6 2014
Jumbo from Bastille, PM .jpeg

The West Kootenay EcoSociety filed an Amended Petition August 5, respecting its legal challenge to the incorporation of the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality (“JGMRM”). The Amended Petition asks the BC Supreme Court to quash the incorporation of the personless municipality, and strike down the patchwork legislative amendments which purport to allow the creation of such an entity.

Jumbo Construction Green-Lighted Despite Environmental Issues

Jul 14 2014
CoriGadomski_Landscape (2) (1).jpg

One of BC’s most controversial projects, the Jumbo Glacier Resort, has been given the green light from the Environmental Assessment Office to proceed with development high in the Purcell Mountains with the submission of a self-report, jumping over the hurdle of 195 legally-binding conditions of their contentious Environmental Certificate without so much as a site visit.

Construction this summer? GRL Submits Self-Report on Their Compliance with 195 Legally Binding Commitments

Jun 25 2014

Glacier Resorts Ltd. has submitted a self report to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) outlining their compliance to the 195 legally-binding conditions attached to their Environmental Certificate.