The Proposed Resort

The Jumbo Glacier Resort is a proposed four-season mega ski resort in the the heart of the Central Purcell Mountains. From the proposed base, at the head of the Jumbo Valley, lifts would access four glaciers: Farnham, Commander, Jumbo and Karnak. The real estate development would cover approximately 104 hectares. Ski areas accessed would bring the total resort footprint to more than 6,000 hectares.

If fully built, the “Jumbo Glacier Resort” would have 5,500 tourist beds and 750 staff beds. It would require over 20 lifts, including a gondola, t-bars and chairlifts to access skiing on nearby glaciers.

The full Master Plan can be viewed here.

The Jumbo Valley is in the heart of B.C.’s Columbia Mountains, in the Purcell Range. It is where grizzly bear science meets grizzly bear spirit. The area has long been revered for its spiritual significance and beauty. To the Ktunaxa Nation, it is known as Qat’muk, home of the grizzly bear spirit.┬áBiologists recognize the area as critical core grizzly bear habitat.

It is 55 km from the nearest community of Invermere, and 35 kilometres from the Panorama Mountain Village, accessible via a rough dirt Forest Service Road.